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Well Organize,Main Artery Of The Factory

Only well organize can connect the equipment,workers and team in series and maximize the effect.Yumeya’s well organize includes three aspects:

01.Systematic Management Concept
It refers to a smooth frame without burrs. All Yumeya chairs need to go through four polishing processes, which help achieve good flat and smooth effect. Component polishing---Polishing after welding---Fine polish for whole chair---Polishing after cleaning.
It mainly refers to baking process, which mainly involves temperature and time.Time and temperature are a subtle combination. And change in parameters will affect the overall effect or not wear-resistant. Yumeya has found the best combination of time and temperature to ensure the best wood grain effect.
---Workers: Yumeya's powder coat workers have more than 10 years of experience.
---Powder Coat: Since 2017,Yumeya cooperated with the famous Tiger Powder Coat. That is why Yumeya's metal wood grain is more than 3 times durable than the similar products in market.
---Equipment: Yumeya adopts electrostatic spraying equipment imported from Germany, which can evenly cover the surface of the frame without accumulation and improve utilization rate.
---Environment: Electrostatic spraying technology for powder coat finish have very strict requirments on the dust content in the air. Yumeya will control the dust in the air to a minimum through environmental protection equipment such as water curtain and air purifier. The coating surface is smooth and no dust particles.
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02. Management Ability

Yumeya’s factory management is in charge of 3 managers who have worked in the industry for over 20 years.At the same time,these 3 managers are also one of the investors of Yumeya,which greatly improves the stability.

Mr GongZhiming
Founder of Yumeya,30 years experience, good at the combination of product practicability and aesthetics.
Mr Zhangjie
25 years experience, good at hardware process R&D.
Mr GongHaidong
20Years experience, good at research and development of Metal Wood Grain.
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03. Advanced Management Means

At present, Yumeya adopts the industry advanced ERP system to manage the whole production process. At the same time, it will take photos and record data for each order to ensure the correct parameters for future repeat order; Besides, in order to maximize cost control and assist our customers to develop new customers through small orders, Yumeya also specially separte the line production and management of large orders and small orders.

Yumeya Furniture, world leading contract furniture/metal wood grain dining chair manufacturer, which gains more than 10000 successful cases in over 80 countries and areas. Our products are perfectly suitable for Hospitality, Cafe&Restaurant, Wedding&Event, Health Care&Senior Living. We offers broadest selection and high quality furniture and can tailor designs to the needs of each customer.

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