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What Yumeya Do In Environment Protect?

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 makes people realize the importance of environmental protection. As a responsible enterprise,

Yumeya has always done its best to promote environmental protection. 


The metal wood grain chair bring people the texture of solid wood without cutting down trees.


Design and manufacture products with extended lifecycle capacity to reduce resource consumption.

Since 2017, we launched long-period cooperation with Tiger Powder Coat, which is a green product that there are no lead, cadmium and other toxic substances.

Cooperated with Tiger to develop Dou™ Powder Coat Technology to replace traditional paint, green and more durable.

05.Metal and other scrap generated during the production process are properly recycled and treated.

Production Facilities


--Invested more than five hundred thousand to build two automatic water curtain.

The flowing water curtain can adjust the water flow according to the dust concentration to prevent the dust from spreading in the air, polluting the environment and damaging the health of workers.


Yumeya has the most advanced sewage treatment equipment in the industry, and invest over one million in sewage purification every year. Treated sewage can be used as residential water.


Using Germany imported spraying equipment, not only reduce the waste, but also improve the recycling.

-- Strict exhaust gas treatment standards ensure the minimum impact on surrounding environment.
-- New packaging methods are being developed to replace plastics with recyclable materials.

Team Management

Yumeya strives to create greater value for customers, which poses higher challenges to our team management.
From production department to sales department, we insist on doing the right thing at proper time and place by proper way,in order to effectively reduce waste and improve productivity.

Yumeya Furniture, world leading contract furniture/metal wood grain dining chair manufacturer, which gains more than 10000 successful cases in over 80 countries and areas. Our products are perfectly suitable for Hospitality, Cafe&Restaurant, Wedding&Event, Health Care&Senior Living. We offers broadest selection and high quality furniture and can tailor designs to the needs of each customer.

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