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Event Chairs/Wedding Chairs Wholesale

Event chair wholesale manufacturer since 1998. There are very strict requirements for durability and convenient storage for rental seating as frequently moving. Exquisitely designed wedding chairs and event chairs can make your party venue more beautiful, whether it's an outdoor or banquet hall. Yumeya event chairs/wedding chairs have a good stacking function, which can stack 5-10 or more chairs. Moreover, through using Tiger powder coat and high-quality fabric with wear resistance coefficient of more than 100000, Yumeya banquet chairs are still the same as the new ones after using 5 years. Contact us for high-quality banquet chairs for sale wholesale. No matter whether you are finding a manufacturer of wholesale wedding chairs, event chairs, party chairs, or banquet chairs, Yumeya is the top choice. 

Upscale golden stainless steel barstool for wedding&event YG7240A Yumeya
A beautifully designed barstool is suitable for placing at wedding bars and wine tables to form a unique decoration. YG7240A has an oval backrest, high-density sponge-filled cushions, and a choice of velvet or PU for the fabric. The frame is made of 201 grade stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2mm and is available in PVD/Polish, which can be chosen according to cost and your preference.
Aluminum wood grain metal stacking banquet chair  Yumeya YL1224-2
YL1224 -2 is aluminum metal wood grain stackable banquet chair that radiates charm and a wooden appeal will bring back life to your place. The chair comes with a generous 10-year frame and mold foam warranty,free you from any after-sales worries.
Elegant design commercial stainless steel wedding chair YA3570 Yumeya
The elegant and opulent design of YA3570 makes it a great choice for weddings, parties, or any other event. The stainless steel body of YA3570 is coated with a golden color that gives it a glamorous & luxurious look. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the YA3570 chair can turn any event into an extraordinary affair!
Modern commercial  stainless steel chair for event/wedding/restaurant YG7238  Yumeya
The most beautiful and flawless in the league, Yumeya YG7238, is here to set the stage on fire. A professionally created masterpiece, it delivers elegance, durability, and comfort. Bringing one today to your place will revolutionize it!
Beautifully designed stainless steel wedding chair YA3565 Yumeya
An ultimate stainless steel dining chair with classic appeal, YA3565 has come into the industry with a banger. This chair is made of 1.2mm thick stainless steel with excellent welding technology and soft and comfortable fabric, balancing strength and comfort. Multiple colors of cloth are available to create a unique and personalized style that meets the needs of various scenes and decoration.
Luxury stainless steel banquet chair YA3563 Yumeya
A perfectly beautiful blend of luxury and modernity, YA3563 stainless steel banquet chair radiates charm and elegance from every corner. It is a great choice for weddings, parties, or any other event.
Glamorous beautiful  stainless steel wedding chair wholesale YA3351W  Yumeya
YA3551W is a amazing elegant stainless steel with high density foam used for seat, arms and back. Full welding technology for durability, it is easily get a generous 10 years frame warranty. This stainless steel chair is ideal choice for wedding&events.
Elegant commercial stainless steel banquet chair  YA3550 Yumeya
The classy design of the stainless steel chair that radiates charm and luxury from every angle appeals to everyone looking at the chair. The beautiful combination of white, maroon, and golden stainless steel will enhance the overall appeal of your place.
Luxury style stainless steel wedding chair YA3562 Yumeya
YA3562 each corner and aspect of the chair radiates standard and perfection. The modern appeal of the chair comes with a touch of luxury! Isn't it appealing?The stainless steel chair suitable for your grand party.
Stainless Steel Wedding Chair With Multiple Seat Back Options YA3509 Yumeya
Yumeya stainless steel wedding chair is the perfect representation of luxury, with one regular back and five pattern backs, the YA3509 offers the freedom to mix and match for an exclusive aesthetic that will enhance your wedding. Made of 1.2mm stainless steel, available in polish and chrome, the velvet fabric provides a warm and comfortable feel, making it a wedding chair that combines beauty and strength.
High end stainless steel wedding chair YA3548 Yumeya
Elegance is redefined to a whole new level with Yumeya YA3548 stainless steel chair. Now you have the opportunity to uplift your interior with a whole different level of furniture.
Charming appeal banquet chairs wholesale  YF5045  Yumeya
Bring unique charm and value to your place with the most durable, charming, and best-in-the-league aluminum chair. Designed by top professionals, YF5045 has the potential to uplift your space elegantly!
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